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17 August 2012, 16:57

Transitioning to ARC

Over a year ago, Apple released Automatic Reference Counting, a new technology that pretty much relieves developers of one of the Objective-C/iOS duties that caused the most fear and loathing: memory management.

Supported on iOS4 (for the most part) and iOS5 (fully), ARC allows the developer to leave the business of deciding where and when to ‘release’ or ‘retain’ Objective-C objects to the compiler, which will insert the appropriate calls by itself…

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6 July 2012, 05:02

Dodging bullets

On Monday, after a nine day wait, the latest update to TPE was in review by the App Store team and approved only one minute later.

I was tempted to release it that evening, but paused, remembering the 4th July holiday was fast approaching. TPE typically sees higher…

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