Dodging bullets

6 July 2012, 05:02

On Monday, after a nine day wait, the latest update to TPE was in review by the App Store team and approved only one minute later.

I was tempted to release it that evening, but paused, remembering the 4th July holiday was fast approaching. TPE typically sees higher usage and download levels around holidays – clearly, those are days when many photographers plan to head outside and do some shooting.

So, I figured I’d sit on the update until next week.

Updating apps on the App Store is a high stakes game. Given Apple’s review process, a bug in an update pretty much stays available for everyone to download until such time as you can fix it, submit the fix and get it reviewed and approved once again. By default, you’ll go to the back of the queue on resubmission, unless you’re able to successfully beg for an expedited review.

I’ve only had to do this once (a couple of years ago) and would rather not have to again (although, never say never).

It seems I dodged a bullet by putting off releasing the update. As widely reported, updates released in the past couple of days have ended up corrupted for some users, with the effect that they will not start once installed. The solution is to delete and reinstall (assuming you’re able to receive an uncorrupted version from the App Store).

Unfortunately, some users, upon updating an app only to find it does not work, leave one-star reviews and negative comments. That’s a tough situation for developers who put their apps through QA testing.

So, if you’re a happy user of any the apps listed here, now might be a great time to write a positive review.

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