New web-site for TPE

16 October 2012, 22:06

Long overdue, but we finally managed to refresh the web-site for TPE. It was built from the ground up in Textpattern and you can find it at the usual URL:

The old site was hastily put together in Drupal 6 back in 2010 with TPE for iOS first launched. At that time, Textpattern seemed to be in what felt like terminal decline and it seemed prudent not to incur more platform risk with another new site.

However, I never really had the time (or inclination) to get to grips with Drupal properly. It was far less elegant and intuitive than Textpattern, and I ended up spending most of my time trying to work out how to apply the constant stream of patches and updates, rather than managing content.

So, all-in-all, very happy to be back on a reinvigorated Textpattern, freshly updated with HTML5 templates!

Next up, I’ll have to look into all this “responsive design” malarkey and get something that formats nicely for mobile devices.



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