Finally, a second app released!

21 August 2012, 01:27

Happy to announce that we’ve released our second app, Bandicoot this evening.

As with TPE, we built Bandicoot to “scratch an itch” – namely, the inconvenience of inter-converting various bandwidth units.

Simple conversion such as kilobytes to megabytes are typically handled by any number of units conversion apps. However, as often as not, those aren’t the conversions you need.

At least in my experience, the most common need is to convert between compound units, for example, kilobits per second to megabytes per hour (for example, in streaming video applications), or to determine the bandwidth required to transfer 10TB of data in 8 hours (for example, in a backup and storage applications).

We hope you’ll find Bandicoot makes these calculations faster than any other utility app out there. Please let us know how you find it!


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