About Crookneck Apps

Crookneck Apps is the web presence for mobile apps published by Crookneck Consulting LLC.

Crookneck Consulting LLC was founded by Stephen Trainor and Alison Craig in 2010. Our first app, The Photographer’s Ephemeris (TPE), evolved out of a freeware desktop application for outdoor photographers designed to allow planning of photography shoots involving natural light (sun and moon).

The popularity of TPE coincided with the explosion of mobile apps, particularly on iPhone. Encouraged by TPE desktop users, we embarked upon porting the program to iOS and Android, and Crookneck Consulting was born.

For the most part, we develop and publish our own software titles. However, we’re always open to discussing interesting projects, so please drop us a line if our current titles reflect the qualities you're looking for in a development partner.

Updated March 2017