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1 September 2013

A new planning tool for outdoor photographers

Although it’s been quiet on this site for a long while, we’ve been busy behind the scenes.

Today, our latest app is slipping out the door during a US holiday weekend: The Photographer’s Transit, or Photo Transit for short (yes, we like our complicated app names).

Photo Transit is positioned as a sister app to The Photographer’s Ephemeris. Where TPE is designed as a sun/moon calculator for photographers, Photo Transit is a “digital surveying tool” that allows you to visualize field of view, develop and share shot lists with friends and colleagues.

Photo Transit on iPad

The new app uses the Google Maps SDK for iOS: Google have been doing a great job with this all year. It has some wonderful features, such as Street View integration, which we’ve been able to make good use of within the app.

Back to looking at iOS7 updates now!

Our apps

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The Photographer's Ephemeris

The Photographer's Ephemeris (TPE) is the ideal tool for outdoor photographers who need to plan shoots using natural light.

Launched as a free desktop app in 2009 for Windows and Mac, we have since ported TPE to both iOS and Android.

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Bandicoot is a feature-rich bandwidth calculator for anyone who works with bits and bytes. It combines a smart unit converter with a calculator to make computations involving data, time or bandwidths as fast, easy and reliable as possible.

Why did we build Bandicoot? Two reasons: most units conversion apps 1) don’t allow you to freely mix conversions with calculations and 2) don’t handle conversion between compound units, such as Mb/s to GB/month. Bandicoot does both.

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The Photographer's Transit

The Photographer’s Transit (“Photo Transit”) is a map-based shot planning tool for outdoor photographers who use interchangeable lens cameras (such as SLRs). Plan the best possible camera, lenses and shooting locations for your photo trip or assignment using the sophisticated built-in field of view simulator.

Photo Transit includes detailed elevation profile information so you can scout your sight-lines ahead of time, and check whether your planned focal length will capture your subject. Photo Transit’s vertical field of view chart lets you see if your subject will be visible or obstructed by the local terrain.

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